Brief details of Public Health Experience


  • Appointed as the only external member in “Karnataka State Committee for creation of Public Health Department”.
  • Conducting doctoral level research on “Prevalence of Job stress, General Health Profile and Hypertension among Professionals in Information Technology sector, Bengaluru, India”.
  • Working as faculty at Indian Institute of Public Health- Hyderabad.


  • Special Academic Reader during the quarters Fall 2008 and winter 2009 for teaching Graduade level courses in Epidemiology (200A and 200B) with Dr.Jorn Olsen and Beate Ritz: Core courses for Graduate students in department of Epidemiology.
  • Special Academic Reader during Spring 2009 for teaching Epidemiology 227: AIDS, A major Public Health Challenge, Instructor: Dr.Roger Detels, MD, MS.
  • As Special Academic reader, duties included conduct of discussion sections for graduate students in Epidemiology, office hours, and participation in composition, grading of exercises and examinations. Nominated for the “Best TA of School of Public Health”, have won certificate of recognization from PHSA.


  • Teaching Assistant: International Fogarty Programme for HIV-AIDS, under Dr.Roger Detels, MD, MS, Principal investigator for the course “Rapid Surveys in Developing countries”
  • Research Associate, Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study (MACS), UCLA AIDS Institute with Dr.Roger Detels, MD, MS, Principal investigator.
  • Conducted a research evaluation of Immunization programme in Bellary, Karnataka under guidance of Dr.Jorn Olsen, Chair, Epidemiology, UCLA. Status: Under revision for Publishing.
  • 2001-2006: State Surveillance Medical Officer and Regional Coordinator, 2001– 2006: World Health Organization, National Polio Surveillance Project-India.
  • State level coordination of Polio and Measles activities on behalf of World Health Organization
  • Network building and Partnership Coordination involving Chief Secretary, Secretary, Health & Family Welfare, Commissioner, Director of Health, Project Director (RCH), UNICEF, and Rotary international and other key organizations.
  • Responsible for Initiation and Advocacy for the Measles surveillance in the state of Karnataka that provided impetus for Multi Year Strategic Plan for Measles control in India and for the constitution and sustained performance of State Core Group on routine Immunization for Karnataka.
  • Demonstrated strong skills in advocacy, Perseverance and technical guidance as per the programmatic requirements.
  • Selected to lead Measles Surveillance at National level for India in WHO.
  • Selected by the country headquarters to be in charge (Additional responsibility) Regional Coordinator that included financial responsibility of NPSP- WHO units in Southern India.
  • Has been deployed as special coordinator of Polio immunization activities in the high risk states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarath and Andhra Pradesh over 24 months.
  • As Chief Consultant for Research, Victoria Foundation, Bangalore, conducted studies on Immunization programs, Maternal & Child Health programs. Key project: Evaluation of Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus elimination in Karnataka for WHO-PATH, GoI.
  • Training State level officers, NGOs, District health officers, RCH officers and Medical officers on Polio-eradication activities, Routine Immunization and other Vaccine preventable diseases. Responsible for Induction training to Consultants, Immunization selected by UNICEF in the state of Karnataka.
  • Academic teaching to Medical postgraduates in Medical colleges of Bangalore on Immunization, RCH, Surveillance for Vaccine Preventable diseases.


  •  Junior resident, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. Positions Held: Junior Resident, Center for Community Medicine, Blood Bank
  • Conducted Knowledge, Attitude & Practices survey regarding blood donation awareness, National Health Programmes at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
  • Planned and conducted free health blood donation campaigns in the slums of New Delhi.
  • Carried hospital and field based surveillance to detect the prevalence rate of HIV in the STD patients.
  • Was managing and analyzing all the data related to the blood donors and especially of HIV patients. 


  • Pre-Registration House officer, Kasturba Hospital, Manipal, India.
  • Conducted a study on Prevalence of Contraceptives in Udupi district with Dr.Shalini, Professor, Department of Community Medicine, KMC, Manipal.

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