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  1.  Why stifle AYUSH for modern medicine? Deccan Herald, May 30,2017. Link
  2. Quality healthcare that is accessible, Deccan Herald, Feb 22,2017. Link
  3. Stress? Techies don’t mind it if pay check is fat.” NIMHANS-PUBLIC HEALTH FOUNDATION INDIA SURVEY OF 1,000+ ENGINEERS, Bangalore Mirror, Jan 21,2017. Link
  4. Attaining the SDGs: Which way India needs to gaze?, Oct 02, 2016. Link
  5. Public health: Why is now the best chance? Deccan Herald, July 04, 2016. Link
  6. Why endure with insurance? Prevent, Deccan Herald, March 23, 2016. Link
  7. Invest more to keep India heart-healthy, Deccan Herald, Dec 9, 2015. Link
  8. Who is responsible for people’s health?, Deccan Herald June 12, 2015. Link
  9. When in doubt, don’t use antibiotics, Deccan Herald July 02, 2015. Link
  10. Stress at work: A pill or a peril, Deccan Herald July 31, 2015. Link
  11. Thank you MPs, but what are you smoking?, Express Health Care, April 13, 2015. Link
  12. Only insurance will not make us healthy, Deccan Herald, Sep 12, 2015,. Link
  13. May is here, prevent dengue, Deccan Herald, May 12, 2015. Link
  14. Visiting private clinic for immunisation?, Deccan Herald, April 08, 2015,. Link
  15. Eternally neglected health system, Deccan Herald, July 17, 2015,. Link
  16. Epidemiology of TB in India, Express pharma, 15 March 2013. Link 
  17. Don’t let pressure get to you. The Hindu, April 8, 2013. Link
  18. Hospital bills make patients paupers, The Bangalore Mirror, Jul 6, 2013. Link
  19. Building a healthy Karnataka, One World South Asia, Jun 21, 2013. Stressed-Out Techies in Search of Relief Indulging in Risky Sex: Study. The New Indian Express. Dec 19, 2013. Link
  20. Health for Indians—who cares about it anyway?, BMJ Group Blogs. 20 February, 2014. Link
  21. It might be Survival that determines Shopping. J Epidemiol Community Health 2011. Link
  22. Use of Social Media in Public Health: Experience with Public Health in India- A Facebook group. Blogs on Public Health Global Network Link published on Nov 17, 2011

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