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Recent Papers :-

An appraisal of the tuberculosis programme in India using an ethics framework

This is a review of the manner in which the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) is being implemented, with a focus on the attention being paid to ethical principles and the incorporation of these into the programme. The article elucidates how ethical principles can be applied to protect the rights of the potential beneficiaries of the RNTCP. The authors consider the RNTCP in the light of a framework that is usually applied in research to evaluate ethical principles in public health practice. The three key principles of the framework are: respect for persons, beneficence and justice. The authors propose that this framework be used to make an ethical evaluation of other public health programmes at several levels, since this could bring far- reaching benefits to society .

Is hypertension associated with job strain? A meta-analysis of observational studies

Epidemiological Correlates of Breast Cancer in South India

From the news

Seasonal Change Brings Health Woes, Sends More Smokers to Hospitals

India’s Healthy Workplaces

Burden of NCDs in India

Dip in temperature affects Bangaloreans

Farming of Catfish Thrives Despite Ban

Andhra Pradesh records most cases of acute diarrhoea

Quotes in Bangalore mirror

With public spending on health care insufficient, around 40 per cent of patients have to either sell off assets or borrow heavily for treatment and end up slipping below the poverty line every year

Building a healthy Karnataka

Health risks prompt ban on sale of three generic prescription drugs

Don’t let pressure get to you

Trash menace haunts low-income areas


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