Interviews/ Media articles

  1. Not advisable to open religious places now, says noted epidemiologist 01 June 2020 (Outlook)
  2. View: Beyond the lockdown, to reduce deaths prevent the clusters, 29 May 2020 (The Economic Times)

  3. Living with the virus, 28 May 2020 (Deccan Herald)
  4. It’s important to resume physical activity amid Covid-19, 27 May 2020 (Times Of India)
  5. CDC new Covid guidelines: Was lockdown necessary or did epidemiologists get it wrong? 22 May 2020 (The Print)
  6. Covid-19 cases to peak in India in mid-July if lockdown lifted on May 30: Epidemiologist, 21 May 2020 (Financial Express) (Outlook)
  7. States will see COVID-19 peak at different times, says epidemiologist, 17 May 2020 (The Economic Times)
  8. States Will See Covid-19 Peak At Different Times, Says Epidemiologist | India News 17 May 2020 (Times Of India)
  9. States will see Covid-19 peak at different times, says epidemiologist, 16 May 2020 (Hindustan Times)
  10. Worrying trend: SARI, ILI cases under-reported, 16 May 2020 (The New Indian Express)
  11. Surveillance as the path out of COVID-19 lockdown, 12 May 2020 (Deccan Herald)
  12. COVID-19 death is a wake-up call to improve surveillance in the area: Giridhara Babu, 09 May 2020 (SCIENCE CHRONICLE)
  13. Can India Get Back To Work?, 04 May 2020 (India Spend)
  14. Ending lockdown abruptly will trigger COVID-19 escalation, says expert 02 May 2020 (Deccan Herald)
  15. Don’t squander benefits of lockdown in zeal to restart economy, warns top epidemiologist, 01 May 2020 (The New Indian Express)
  16. ‘Herd Immunity Unthinkable at this Stage’: Top Epidemiologist Says Sudden Activity Post Lockdown May Lead to 2nd Covid-19 Wave, 28 Apr 2020 (News18)
  17. ‘No evidence coronavirus strain in India is weaker’, 28 Apr 2020 (The Times of India)
  18. How will India emerge out of the lockdown?, 24 Apr 2020, (The Hindu)
  19. One month of lockdown: Why Indian states have dramatically divergent Covid-19 trajectories, 24 Apr 2020, (in)
  20. Healthcare reforms shouldn’t be transient, 21 Apr 2020 (The hindu business line)
  21. You love hide and seek? Virus plays it better, 17 Apr 2020 (The Indian Express)
  22. ‘Building herd immunity may not work in tackling COVID-19 at the moment’ 10 Apr 2020(Money Control)
  23. Why healthcare workers above 60 should be ‘benched’, 08 Apr 2020 (The Hindu)
  24. ಕೊರೊನಾ ಯಾವ ಯಾವ ಸಂದರ್ಭಗಳಲ್ಲಿ ನಿಮ್ಮ ದೇಹ ಸೇರಿಕೊಳ್ಳಬಹುದು..?, 08 Apr 2020 (Kannada News)
  25. Use epidemiology as a tool to fight Covid-19 | Opinion, 31 Mar 2020 (Hindustan Times)
  26. Shutdown alone is not enough to break the chain, says epidemiologist Giridhara Babu, 26 Mar 2020 (The Hindu)
  27. India can save up to 10,000 lives with proper isolation & quarantine: Epidemic specialist, 22 Mar 2020 (The Print)
  28. Coronavirus: Millions of covid-19 tests needed, not going to end soon, says expert Dr Giridhar R Babu, 18 Mar 2020 (Hindustan Times)
  29. Governments need to step up investments and actions, 09 Mar 2020 (New Indian Express)

Media Mentions

  1. Coronavirus roundup: Developments in India and rest of world 01 June 2020, (Times of India)
  2. Bengaluru Has 1.2 Cr Residents, Only 385 COVID Cases, Here’s Why, 30 May 2020 (The Quint)
  3. People with mental health disorders at risk of infections during outbreaks, experts say, 30 May 2020, (Hindustan Times)
  4. A cyclone-battered state struggles with COVID-19 compliance, 29 May 2020, (Nature)
  5. 3% of India’s Covid-19 cases fall under ‘reassigned’ category, raise questions, 29 May 2020, (Times of India)
  6. Lockdown saved lives of 8K to 32K people: Report, 28 May 2020, (Hindustan Times)
  7. Coronavirus Triggers India’s Largest Migration in 70 Years, Risking a New Wave in Villages 28 May 2020 (The Wall Street Journal)
  8. Creation of comorbidity category in COVID-19 death records has no scientific basis: Experts, 27 May 2020 (Deccan Herald)
  9. As India’s lockdown ends, exodus from cities risks spreading COVID-19 far and wide 27 May 2020 (AAAS)
  10. ICMR antibody survey begins, results likely in three weeks, 25 May 2020, (Hindustan Times)
  11. Over 24k samples collected for random antibody tests, 25 May 2020, (Hindustan Times)
  12. Indian States’ COVID-19 Testing Rates Lower Than Similarly Populated Countries’ 25 May 2020, (IndiaSpend)
  13. What do states with high Covid-19 mortality have in common? Swine flu, 25 May 2020, (Indiatoday)
  14. Despite spike in cases, Karnataka’s test positivity rate lower than national average, 25 May 2020, (Times of India)
  15. India registers another biggest single-day spike in COVID-19 cases, 24 May 2020, (Xinhua)
  16. Scores will die if we chase natural immunity: Experts, 24 May 2020, (Times of India)

  17. Centre to conduct serosurvey in 10 hotspot cities to track community transmission of coronavirus, 24 May 2020, (The New Indian Express)
  18. Quotes of the Day from Xinhua World News, May 24, 24 May 2020, (
  19. As cases spike, alert sounded for vulnerable age groups, 23 May  2020, (The Hindu)
  20. On an average, it takes 17 days for a patient to be discharged 23 May  2020, (The Hindu)
  21. India sees a record rise in coronavirus cases with 6,000 new infections amid fears it will become Asia’s epicentre as Indonesia’s death toll soars past 1,000 and Iran fears second wave, 23 May  2020, (MailOnline)
  22. What will happen if lockdown is lifted on May 31? Read to know more, 22 May  2020, (My Nation)
  23. As Per An Epidemiologist, COVID-19 Cases To Peak In India In Mid-July If Lockdown Is Lifted, 22 May  2020, (indiatimes)
  24. India reports biggest 24-hour rise in virus cases as lockdown eases, 22 May  2020,     (thejakartapost)
  25. Global report: India and Indonesia announce record daily infection figures, 22 May  2020, (The Guardian)
  26. Alternating lockdown, relaxation a flawed idea, say experts after European report, 22 May  2020, (Times of India)
  27. Coronavirus live updates | Nepal reports 3rd coronavirus death; cases increase to 453, 22 May  2020, (newsd.)
  28. Coronavirus: Congress attacks Centre after it says middle seats on flights will not remain vacant 22 May  2020, (
  29. COVID-19: Percentage of sick patients needing hospital care doubled in the last one month, 21 May 2020 (Deccan Herald)
  30. Coronavirus roundup: Developments in India and rest of world, 21 May 2020 (The Times of India)
  31. Return of the Native: Karnataka govt is in a fix over home isolation, 21 May 2020 (The Economic Times)
  32. Nationwide COVID-19 tally crosses 1.13 lakh; Govt says mortality rate less than half of global average, 21 May 2020 (Outlook)
  33. Covid-19 cases in India exceed 100,000, but low fatality ratio offers hope, 20 May 2020 (Hindustan Times)
  34. Delhi violating ICMR, WHO norms by not Covid-testing the dead. But it’s not the only state, 20 May 2020 (The Print)
  35. Huge variation in COVID-19 death rates across states has governments, experts baffled, 18 May  2020, (New Indian Express)
  36. Several states are going door-to-door to identify Covid-19 patients. Is it a good idea?  17 May  2020, (
  37. A grim milestone: As India surges past China in number of infections, here’s what we must do, 17 May  2020, (India Today)
  38. COVID-19: What India’s Testing and Fatality Data Tells Us, In Two Charts, 15 May  2020, (Science the Wire)
  39. Mumbai Crosses 15,500 Cases, Maharashtra 25,000 Mark, 14 May 2020 (IndiaSpend)
  40. Govt to begin antibody tests in 21 states to check virus prevalence, 14 May 2020 (Hindustan Times)
  41. As Coronavirus Cases Rise, India and Pakistan Gamble on Looser Lockdowns, 13 May 2020 (The Wall Street Journal)
  42. Govt plans random testing for community surveillance, 12 May 2020 (Hindustan Times)
  43. India at 100k tests a day, says health minister Harsh Vardhan, 12 May 2020 (Hindustan Times)
  44. New BMC Chief Must Find a Fix That Can Go Viral 12 May 2020 (The Economic Times)
  45. National Institute of Virology develops first indigenous antibody detection kit for COVID-19, 11 May 2020 (The New Indian Express)
  46. Experts split over policy on discharging mild patients, 10 May 2020 (The New Indian Express)
  47. Covid-19 lockdown, successful or not? There are 5 ways to answer this question, 06 May 2020 (The Print)
  48. COVID-19: Containing the Pandemic through Syndrome Approach, 06 May 2020 (HEALTHCARE)
  49. Will a vaccine end the COVID-19 threat? | India Today Insight, 05 May 2020 (India today)
  50. Crucial week ahead, warns health official, 05 May 2020 (The New Indian Express)
  51. Colour codes and hotspots: It’s a puzzle for Noida, 03 may 2020 (The Times Of India)
  52. Doubling Time Not Only Metric for Making Post-Lockdown Decisions, 01 May 2020 (The Quint)
  53. Focus now on SARI, ILI cases, Asha workers roped in for routine checks 01 May 2020 (The New Indian Express)
  54. Doubling Time Not The Only Metric, Other Data Must To Make Post-LockDown Decisions, Experts Say, 01 May 2020 (IndiaSpend)
  55. Delhi’s rollercoaster battle against corona, 01 May 2020 (The New Indian Express)
  56. During a Pandemic, Kitchen Gardening Can Provide a Sustainable Solution, 30 Apr 2020, (Science the Wire)
  57. More testing, review of response strategy needed after lockdown is lifted,  29 Apr 2020, (livemint)
  58. 83% Covid-19 patients in North Karnataka district are asymptomatic, 28 Apr 2020,  (The Times of India)

  59. The outline of another pandemic combat strategy, 28 Apr 2020,  (The Hindu)
  60. One in 15 coronavirus cases in Delhi is a health care worker: Report, 28 Apr 2020,  (The Free Press)
  61. One in every 15 Covid-19 cases in Delhi is a healthcare worker, 28 Apr 2020, (Hindustan Times)
  62. Amidst coronavirus pandemic, talk of multiple virus strains, 27 Apr 2020 (Deccan Herald)
  63. Health ‘warriors’ key to India’s attempts to slow Covid-19 spread, 25 Apr 2020 (The Star)
  64. How are states faring in the fight against coronavirus?, 25 Apr 2020 (India Today)
  65. महाराष्ट्र से दिल्ली तक, कोरोना से निपटने में कैसा है राज्यों का प्रदर्शन?, 25 अप्रैल 2020 (आजतक)
  66. Infectious diseases experts divided over May 3 lockdown exit, 24 Apr 2020 (The Economic Times)
  67. States with robust public health systems tame the virus, 24 Apr 2020 (Live Mint)
  68. Beware, sub-standard 3-ply masks on the rise, 24 Apr 2020 (The Economic Times)
  69. In Parts of India, Surprising Fall in Mortality Rates Bucks Coronavirus Trend , 24 Apr 2020, (Science the Wire)
  70. Chronic illnesses may put young Indians at higher risk of Covid-19: Study, 24 Apr 2020, (Hindustan Times)
  71. Mysuru tops State in tests per million, 23 Apr 2020, (The Hindu)
  72. In Covid fight, India could learn from polio experience, 23 Apr 2020, (Hindustan Times)
  73. Sitting upon a volcano’: Doctors in Bengal ring the alarm bell over state’s low testing numbers, 22 Apr 2020 (in)
  74. In a week, Covid takes a worrisome turn in Karnataka, 22 Apr 2020 (The Economic Times)
  75. News Analysis: Next 10 days crucial for India’s fight against COVID-19 outbreak — health experts, 22 Apr 2020 (Xinhua net – Asia & Pacific)
  76. Lockdown over herd immunity for experts, 22 Apr 2020 (Telangana Today)
  77. COVID-19 test compulsory for chemo, dialysis patients, attendants: Kidwai, 21 Apr 2020 (The Indian Express)
  78. Aggressive tackling of Covid-19 cases needed to prevent 2nd wave: Research paper 20 Apr 2020, (Hindustan Times)
  79. In coronavirus fight, an asymptomatic worry for Karnataka, 20 Apr 2020, (Deccan Herald)
  80. What will it take for India to come out of lockdown? With Dr Giridhar Babu 19 Apr 2020 (The Indian Express)
  81. As cases rise, a belated move to widen test scope, 16  Apr 2020, (Deccan Herald)
  82. Physical Distancing, Hygiene New Normal as Indian Epidemiologist Predicts Longer Stay of COVID-19, 16  Apr 2020 (Sputnik)
  83. Residents in Mumbai hotspots to be given HCQ as a preventive, 15 Apr 2020 (The Indian Express)
  84. At quarantine centre in Noida, a long wait to be able to leave, 15 Apr 2020 (The Indian Express)
  85. Karnataka reports four deaths in 24 hours; 3 are SARI patients, 15 Apr 2020(The Economic Times)
  86. 19 Covid-19 patients in Karnataka are below 14 years, 14 Apr 2020 (The Times of India)
  87. As coronavirus ravages Mumbai slums, Maharashtra faces tough choice on hydroxychloroquine, 14 Apr 2020 (CNBCTV18)
  88. Karnataka sets up panel to study Covid data, provide advice, 14 Apr 2020 (Outlook)
  89. ಕೋವಿಡ್-19 ವೈರಸ್ ಪ್ರತಿದಿನದ ಪರಾಮರ್ಶೆಗೆ ತಜ್ಞರ ಸಮಿತಿ ನೇಮಿಸಿದ ರಾಜ್ಯ ಸರ್ಕಾರ, 14 Apr 2020 (News 18)
  90. ಕೊರೊನಾ ಮಾಹಿತಿ ವಿಶ್ಲೇಷಣೆ ಸರಕಾರದಿಂದ ಮತ್ತೊಂದು ತಜ್ಞರ ಸಮಿತಿ ರಚನೆ, 14 Apr 2020 (Vijaya Karnataka)
  91. Covid-19 spreadsheet: A tale of two states, 13 Apr 2020 (The Economic Times)
  92. At 2.6%, Karnataka’s Covid-19 fatality rate lower than national average, 13 Apr 2020 (The Times of India)
  93. Only 70 of 215 patients in Karnataka had travelled abroad, 12 Apr 2020 (The Times of India)
  94. Coronavirus: Health ministry hails timing of lockdown, 12 Apr 2020, (Hindustan Times)
  95. Mathematical models are used to predict Covid-19’s path, but is the incoming data sound?, 12 Apr 2020, (The Economic Times)
  96. Ministry study shows lockdown helped, but questions remain, 12 Apr 2020, (Telegraph)
  97. ‘India may reach peak of Covid-19 cases by 20 April’, 11 Apr 2020, (SUNDAY GUARDIAN LIVE)
  98. Karnataka sees gradual growth in number of Covid-19 cases, 11 Apr 2020 (The Economic Times)
  99. CII has a plan for govt: Industry asks for pooled testing to resume limited ops, 11 Apr 2020 (The Indian Express)
  100. Why death rates vary widely in states: Testing could be key, 11 Apr 2020 (The Times of India)
  101. People power: How India is attempting to slow the coronavirus, 10 Apr 2020 (Nature)
  102. Why Maharashtra has India’s highest Covid-19 mortality numbers, 10 Apr 2020 (ThePrint)
  103. कोरोना वायरस: मुंबई की धारावी झुग्गी बस्ती में इस महामारी का पहुंचना ख़तरनाक क्यों है? 10 Apr 2020 (BBC News)
  104. Coronavirus: India makes face masks mandatory for more than 300m people, punishable by up to six months in prison, 10 Apr 2020 (Independent)
  105. Cluster management, 09 Apr 2020 (The Week)
  106. Why Maharashtra has India’s highest Covid-19 mortality numbers, 09 Apr 2020 (The Print)
  107. Coronavirus | COVID-19 hits both genders equally, except in two nations, 09 Apr 2020 (The Hindu)
  108. India has low testing rate, needs to scale up surveillance: Analysis,  07 Apr 2020 (Hindustan Times)
  109. Red zones, fever clinics to roll out rapid testing from next week, 7 Apr 2020 (New Indian Express)
  110. Odd Number in India Coronavirus Testing Data Sparks Questions, 06 Apr 2020 (The New York Times)
  111. Kalaburagi’ Covid-19 case may be Karnataka’s first known asymptomatic transmission, 06 Apr 2020 (The Times Of India)
  112. Steps to Tackle Large Outbreaks: Govt Brings out Containment Plan as Coronavirus Deaths Rise to 75, 05 Apr 2020 (News 18)
  113. Around 75% of Coronavirus Patients in India are in Working-age Population of 21-60 Years, 05 Apr 2020 (News 18)
  114. ‘Shutdown alone is not enough to break the chain’  05 Apr 2020 (The Hindu)
  115. Impact of Lockdown During Its Third Week Key to Decide on Staggered Relaxation, Say Experts, 03 Apr 2020 (News 18)
  116. Global group calls for Covid-19 clinical research in poor nations, 03 Apr 2020 (Hindustan Times)
  117. Covid-19 Update: Scientists bat for clinical trials in poor and middle-income countries, 03 Apr 2020 (Hindustan Times)
  118. Good news from Bhilwara: No new Covid-19 cases in 2 days. But don’t rejoice yet, say experts, 01 Apr 2020 (The Print)
  119. Coronavirus | Lockdown’s impact can be gauged only after two weeks, say experts, 01 Apr 2020 (The Hindu)
  120. 3 billion people. A 21-day lockdown. Can India curb the coronavirus?, 31 Mar 2020 (AAAS Science)
  121. Coronavirus update: Community spread of Covid-19 in India? Experts, government differ, 29 Mar 2020 (Hindustan Times)
  122. कोरोना वायरस: इस दौर में ‘ग़ैर-ज़िम्मेदाराना’ व्यवहार कितना ख़तरनाक है?, 25 Mar 2020 (BBC News)
  123. Karnataka researchers set up clinical data collecting platform, 27 Mar 2020 (New Indian Express)
  124. Coronavirus Lockdown for India: PM says Stay Home, Follow Rules, 24 Mar 2020 (shethepeople)
  125. India’s coronavirus fight complicated by people dodging quarantine, 23 Mar 2020 (DW Made for Minds)
  126. Social Distancing Poses Unique Challenges in a Country Like India, 22 Mar 2020 (Science The Wire)
  127. Short of epidemiologists, Karnataka struggles with virus, 25 Mar 2020 (New Indian Express)
  128. India fights coronavirus: Epidemiologists estimate what situation will be like in next few months, 21 Mar 2020 (India today)
  129. ‘Janata curfew’ is a public drill, won’t really stop spread of coronavirus: Experts, 21 Mar 2020 (The Print)
  130. 826 random samples test negative for COVID-19 but ICMR doesn’t rule out community spread, 19 Mar 2020, (The Print)
  131. Social distancing”: A call that ignores ground realities of millions of Indians, 19 Mar 2020  (Gaon connection)
  132. Indian guru’s tips to ward off coronavirus anger health professionals, 18 Mar 2020 (Reuters)
  133. Health and medical Public-health experts raise concerns about India’s restricted testing for COVID-19, 12 Mar 2020 (Press Bolt News)
  134. How coronavirus came in India?, 11 Mar 2020 (AYUSH Blogs)
  135. COVID-19: India has tested less than 10 thousand people so far, 15 Mar 2020 (National Herald)
  136. Corona upsurge: Precautions on pandemic Covid-19 better than cure, 16 Mar 2020 (Daily Thanthi Next)
  137. News Analysis: Next 10 days crucial for India’s fight against COVID-19 outbreak — health experts, 15 Mar 2020 (Xinhua net – Asia & Pacific) (
  138. Crowded, poor South Asia sees steady rise in coronavirus cases, 17 Mar 2020 (Reuters) (By The Reuters – New York Times)
  139. Are states like TN testing enough people for COVID-19? Public health experts say no, 15 Mar 2020 (News Minute)
  140. Public-health experts raise concerns about India’s restricted testing for COVID-19, 13 Mar 2020 (The Caravan)
  141. Coronavirus: 17.5% of confirmed COVID-19 patients are foreigners, say officials, 17 Mar 2020 (Live Mint)
  142. The Curious Case of the Deaths That Weren’t Due to COVID-19, 17 Mar 2020  (Science the Wire)
  143. COVID-19: Is India testing enough, communicating right?, 06 Mar 2020 (DownToEarth)
  144. All you need to know about coronavirus cases in India, 06 Mar 2020 (CelebesTopNews)
  145. All you need to know about coronavirus cases in India, 06 Mar 2020 (AL JAZEERA NEWS)

Invited Speaker on Webinar/Panel Discussions

  • Panel Discussion -Science and Solidarity Must Guide Social Response to Covid-19 Link
  • COVID-19 pandemic on a weekly seminars, Tata Memorial Hospital 1st April 2020.
  • Nature India Panel discussion for Doctors Link
  • Webinar: Preparedness for Pandemic – 11th May, 2020, Indian Chamber of Commerce Link
  • Corona cases in India- Making sense of the numbers Link
  • Corona in India: Doubling rate, Post lockdown Syndromic Surveillance and Antibody Tests- Link
  • Corona in India: Vaccine and Public health reforms Link


Policy Support

National level: Member of Epidemiology, Surveillance, & Research group constituted by ICMR National Task Force for COVID-I9

Consultation to State governments

  1. Member, Karnataka State Government Technial Analysis Committe: COVID19
  2. Consultation to state Governments of Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab & Telengana


  1. Is India detecting enough cases to be able to contain COVID-19? A dive into sub-national data (Link)

Research articles 

  1. Thakur M, Boudewijns EA, Babu GR, van Schayck OC. Biomass use and COVID-19: A novel concern. Environmental Research. 2020:109586 (Link)

TV Shows

  1. TV9 Guidelines: ‘Corona Virudha Kadhana’: Experts Explains ‘‘How To Live With Coronavirus?’ Link
  2. Times Now: How Central Government ‘LOCKDED’ Down Coronavirus | India Upfront Link
  3. Was it a good idea to ease Lockdown restrictions while positive cases continue to rise? Suraksha Pinnu speaks to Dr Giridhar Babu, an epidemiologist on the Technical Advisory Committee in Karnataka. Link
  4. Not physical distancing but social cohesion: Dr Giridhara Babu Link
  5. Can India get back to work? Link
  6. India today:How much should India open up? What’s the best exit strategy? Top epidemiologists Link
  7. NDTV: “Will Have To Live With Coronavirus Till Next Year”: Expert To NDTV,  Link
  8. Power TV: Attended a TV shown on Power TV a Kannada News Channel for a talk on debunking myths around COVID 19 Link
  9. CNN: Spoke with CNN on Corona Virus pandemic Link
  10. India today: Coronavirus Crisis: What Should India Expect? Epidemiologists Roundtable With Rahul Kanwal  Link1Link2
  11. NDTV:  Left, Right & Centre | Is India Doing Enough To Fight Coronavirus? Link
  12. TV9 Kannada; Doctors Advice For Public Over Precautionary Measures Against The Spread Of Coronavirus Link
  13. NDTV, Your Questions On Corona: Ask The Experts Link
  14. TV9 Kannada; Dr Giridhar Babu Explains Reason Behind PM Modi’s Request On Lighting Lamp & Torches On April 5th Link
  15. India today: What purpose will the ‘Diya jalao’ campaign serve? Dr Giridhar R Babu (Epidemiologist) responds to Rahul Kanwal’s question. Link
  16. India today: Dr Giridhar Babu expresses concern about the states where deaths have been reported recently. Link
  17. Times Now: We’ve been able to reduce the rate of transmission with help of lockdown:, Link
  18. India today: Dr. Giridhar Babu, Professor and Head Lifecourse, Epidemiology says- ‘the action should now at state and sub-state level’. Link
  19. ET Now: Time ripe for partial lifting of the lockdown? | India Development Debate Link
  20. Power TV: ದಂಗು ಬಡಿಸುತ್ತೆ ಹೊಸ ಸಂಶೋಧನೆ! -ಮೆಗಾ ಸ್ಟೋರಿ Link
  21. India today: Coronavirus Crisis : Lockdown 4.0 Necessity Or Not? | Newstrack With Rahul Kanwal Link
  22. Times Now: 50% of India flattened curve, but 7 states are slowing the recovery | India Upfront Special Edition Link

Radio Show

  1. Rukmini S VData journalist, audio storyteller SOUNDCLOUD The Moving Curve – Episode 43
  2. Rukmini S VData journalist, audio storyteller SOUNDCLOUD The Moving Curve – Episode 33
  3. Rukmini S VData journalist, audio storyteller SOUNDCLOUD   The Moving Curve – Episode 30
  4. Rukmini S VData journalist, audio storyteller SOUNDCLOUD   The Moving Curve – Episode 29 
  5. The Sandip Roy Show 48: What will it take for India to come out of lockdown? With Dr Giridhar Babu Google podcasts



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