Media Articles

  1. All you need to know about coronavirus cases in India, 06 Mar 2020 (AL JAZEERA NEWS)
  2. All you need to know about coronavirus cases in India, 06 Mar 2020 (CelebesTopNews)
  3. COVID-19: Is India testing enough, communicating right?, 06 Mar 2020 (DownToEarth)
  4. The Curious Case of the Deaths That Weren’t Due to COVID-19, 17 Mar 2020  (Science the Wire)
  5. Coronavirus: 17.5% of confirmed COVID-19 patients are foreigners, say officials, 17 Mar 2020 (Live Mint)
  6. Public-health experts raise concerns about India’s restricted testing for COVID-19, 13 Mar 2020 (The Caravan)
  7. Are states like TN testing enough people for COVID-19? Public health experts say no, 15 Mar 2020 (News Minute)
  8. Crowded, poor South Asia sees steady rise in coronavirus cases, 17 Mar 2020 (Reuters) (By The Reuters – New York Times) (By The Reuters – Money Control) (By The Reuters – The Telegram) (By The Reuters – US News) (By The Reuters – Free Malaysia Today) (By The Reuters – DevDiscourse) (By The Reuters – Malay Mail)
  9. Governments need to step up investments and actions, 09 Mar 2020 (New Indian Express)
  10. News Analysis: Next 10 days crucial for India’s fight against COVID-19 outbreak — health experts, 15 Mar 2020 (Xinhua net – Asia & Pacific) (
  11. Corona upsurge: Precautions on pandemic Covid-19 better than cure, 16 Mar 2020 (Daily Thanthi Next)
  12. COVID-19: India has tested less than 10 thousand people so far, 15 Mar 2020 (National Herald)
  13. How coronavirus came in India?, 11 Mar 2020 (AYUSH Blogs)
  14. Health and medical Public-health experts raise concerns about India’s restricted testing for COVID-19, 12 Mar 2020 (Press Bolt News)
  15. Indian guru’s tips to ward off coronavirus anger health professionals, 18 Mar 2020 (Reuters)
  16. Social distancing”: A call that ignores ground realities of millions of Indians, 19 Mar 2020  (Gaon connection)
  17. Coronavirus: Millions of covid-19 tests needed, not going to end soon, says expert Dr Giridhar R Babu, 18 Mar 2020 (Hindustan Times)
  18. 826 random samples test negative for COVID-19 but ICMR doesn’t rule out community spread, 19 Mar 2020, (The Print)
  19. ‘Janata curfew’ is a public drill, won’t really stop spread of coronavirus: Experts, 21 Mar 2020 (The Print)
  20. India fights coronavirus: Epidemiologists estimate what situation will be like in next few months, 21 Mar 2020 (India today)
  21. Short of epidemiologists, Karnataka struggles with virus, 25 Mar 2020 (New Indian Express)
  22. India can save up to 10,000 lives with proper isolation & quarantine: Epidemic specialist, 22 Mar 2020 (The Print)
  23. Social Distancing Poses Unique Challenges in a Country Like India, 22 Mar 2020 (Science The Wire)
  24. India’s coronavirus fight complicated by people dodging quarantine, 23 Mar 2020 (DW Made for Minds)
  25. Coronavirus Lockdown for India: PM says Stay Home, Follow Rules, 24 Mar 2020 (shethepeople)
  26. Shutdown alone is not enough to break the chain, says epidemiologist Giridhara Babu, 26 Mar 2020 (The Hindu)
  27. Karnataka researchers set up clinical data collecting platform, 27 Mar 2020 (New Indian Express)


TV Shows

  1. Power TV: Attended a TV shown on Power TV a Kannada News Channel for a talk on debunking myths around COVID 19 Link
  2. CNN: Spoke with CNN on Corona Virus pandemic Link
  3. India today: Coronavirus Crisis: What Should India Expect? Epidemiologists Roundtable With Rahul Kanwal  Link1 & Link2
  4. NDTV:  Left, Right & Centre | Is India Doing Enough To Fight Coronavirus? Link
  5. TV9 Kannada; Doctors Advice For Public Over Precautionary Measures Against The Spread Of Coronavirus Link

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